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Helping Manufacturers Do More

Because of our industry and project experience, we move quickly to help you do more – faster. Whether your sales force is direct, or includes manufacturers reps, we know how to support you and your channel partners to take market share and realize sales growth. Strategic X Marketing works with electrical manufacturers to achieve specific objectives including:

sales channel communication

Increase Sales

Ux design

Increase Company and Product Awareness

Team 5

Increase Customer Base

Website Maintenance

Develop/Repair Rep Network

web design

Expand Sales Channels

Results driven 1

Improve Lead Quantity and Quality

Team 4

Enter New Markets


Launch New Products/Services

Increasing the Value of Sales

Direct Sales and Manufacturer’s Representatives are vital to the success of product launches and product life cycle plans. They operate as the conduit between manufacturer and customer. Sales forces are the feet on the street that help generate demand, help build the strength of the brand, and provide value-add design, engineering and technical services. Now more than ever, sales needs to be more efficient and effective through digital efforts. We help direct sales and manufacturer’s rep efforts by:

sales channel communication

Enhancing Sales Strategies and Tools

Content Creation

Improving Communication with Supplier Marketing and Development


Decreasing Sales Cycle Times

Website SEO

Improving Lead Quantity and Quality

Technical Writing

Developing More Effective Sales Support Materials

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